New Years Resolutions: how I reduced my plastic buying habits

Like every female in the world, I’ve wasted most of my New Years Resolutions on losing weight. Every single year, January 1st would sneak up on me and I’d say, “Okay, this year, I will finally lose weight/eat healthier/workout more”. Most years, I failed miserably (the miserable part would be the multiple restrictive diets). ThereContinue reading “New Years Resolutions: how I reduced my plastic buying habits”

Friday Favorites: Happy Winter Solstice!

Out with the Fall, in with the… Winter? Listen, it’s been a really long month. This entire week was met with, “It’s still Monday?” “It’s ONLY Tuesday?” “How is it only Wednesday?” “IT’S STILL THURSDAY?!” so I know that I will welcome Friday with open arms. My mom actually reminded me that it’s the WinterContinue reading “Friday Favorites: Happy Winter Solstice!”

Your Annual Reminder That “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Isn’t About What You’ve Been Told It’s About

Every single year, I have to defend this song because it takes constant heat. This year, I decided to publicly defend it because I’m so tired of cancel culture and it’s really not what you’ve been told it’s about. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is, was, and probably always will be my favorite Christmas song andContinue reading “Your Annual Reminder That “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Isn’t About What You’ve Been Told It’s About”

Narrow Escape.

There was a time in my life where I didn’t listen to the Universe or my gut. I’ve always gotten ~feelings~ but I’ve had people (who are no longer in my life) constantly belittle them. I was always accused of “being scared” or “being judgey”. It got to the point where I stopped trusting myselfContinue reading “Narrow Escape.”

Guidance on How to Take a Mental Health Day

I am planning to take a mental health week. I try to at least take one mental health day for my birthday. It’s not really a vacation. It’s an energy reset. “It’s time for a mental health day. So conjugate this. I cut class. You cut class. He/She/It cuts class.” – Melinda Sordino, Speak TakingContinue reading “Guidance on How to Take a Mental Health Day”

Worst Dates: Was that enough space?

Maybe 2009? And since the name doesn’t matter in this, names have been changed. If I told you that a Mormon kid wanted to go on a date with me, would you believe me? My Puna (grandma) would always joke that God was going to strike me down for entering a Catholic Church (ya know,Continue reading “Worst Dates: Was that enough space?”

Worst Dates: What’s in a Name?

One of the writing prompts I had this month was “The worst date you’ve ever been on”. It was the prompt that really solidified me wanting to re-vive my blog. To be completely honest, I haven’t gone on a lot of 1:1 dates in my lifetime. In the past, I clearly had the uncanny abilityContinue reading “Worst Dates: What’s in a Name?”