Friday Favorites: Christmas Movies

When I was a teenager, I was angsty and also really wanted people to think I was cool. Therefore, I said that I hated Christmas because ew gross Christmas stuff. I also thought that you had to dedicate yourself to either Christmas or Halloween (and I was clearly only dedicated to Halloween year round). Now, I basically just love when October 1st rolls around and I spend the rest of the year in a Holiday (AND BIRTHDAY) bliss. Give me all of it. The movies, music, decorations, cards… Everything. There’s two things I look forward to during this time of year the most. The Dickens Fair in San Francisco and the Zoo Lights at the Oakland Zoo. Thanks to COVID, both have been cancelled this year and I’m trying not to let that ruin my holiday cheer. So here we are. Christmas movies to remind you that there was once a time when we could go out into the world and do things.

Note: If you’re here for The Nightmare Before Christmas or Elf, you don’t know me very well.

Scrooged [1988]

I’ve talked about this movie before in my favorite movies that came out in 1988. I absolutely love seeing A Christmas Carol every year with my mom. It’s one of our traditions and it’s yet another thing that COVID cancelled. This version is my favorite movie version [but special shout out to the Mickey Mouse version]. It’s raunchy, super duper 80s, has a fantastic cast, and takes a classic and turns it into something new.

How the grinch stole christmas [1966]

Listen, the Jim Carrey version is fine but it doesn’t hold a candle to the original cartoon version. I grew up watching this one every single Christmas and I firmly believe it was what made me want to rescue dogs that were abused. This is a classic, you know this story. And if you’ve never watched this, you need to get on that! It’s something you can enjoy with the entire family (unlike most movies on this list). So snuggle in with the kiddos and give this a watch.

happiest season [2020]

I absolutely love Kristen Stewart and I am more than happy to die on this hill. She’s always been on of my favorites since seeing her in Speak. With Dan Levy being added to the cast, I had no choice but to watch this movie immediately. It’s fantastic but also sad but also very real. It’s got a lot going on. Clea Duvall (the writer/director and a super familiar face for 90s movie lovers) wanted a movie that she could relate to. There aren’t and Christmas movies that tell stories about gay couples and she’s opened the door to making that a more regular thing. I am here for it. The movie itself has a lot of laughs (I mean, look at that cast). My only question is why they decided to give Mackenzie Davis THAT hairstyle. She looks terrible in this movie because of that haircut. She normally looks great. Can I talk to who’s choice that was? The costume designer though, they did a great job. I want all outfits that both Kstew and Aubrey Plaza wear, thank you.

Die Hard [1988]

Oh look, another 1988 movie that was featured on my blog already. This is a Christmas movie. If you say it’s not, you’re wrong. I don’t make the rules. Look up any Christmas movie list and this is on there every single time. BECAUSE IT’S A CHRISTMAS MOVIE. There’s a holiday party, there’s a tree, there’s Christmas music. It’s a Christmas movie. Anyway, I actually really this movie and I think I need to do a rewatch.

bad santa [2003]

I’m super picky about my comedy movies and I still don’t understand why I love some but hate others (yeah… looking at you, Elf… and every single Will Ferrell movie out there). I LOVE Bad Santa. I don’t know why. Possibly because he was married to Angelina Jolie and she’s my #1. This movie is a definite must watch every single year (and usually multiple times). I still laugh at every joke. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend but don’t watch with kids. Or do. It’s your life so do what you want.

The santa clause [1994]

Finding this poster and finding out it was released on my bday made my day.

I grew up watching Home Improvement a lot. I feel like that and The Nanny were almost always on our T.V. because my parents didn’t want to pull their hair out while watching it and kids could watch it too. A win/win. This movie is my all-time family favorite Christmas movie. It’s another one that I watch a few times during the holidays. The plot is great and really makes you think. I mean really, ONE dude is Santa forever? That has to get boring and rough. I also like that he’s a normal guy MOST of the year and then BAM he’s Santa. It’s got great casting, lessons learned, and proving that Santa is real.

Note: In my mom’s house, if you say you don’t believe in Santa, you don’t get presents so… Santa is real everyone.

Bonus Bad Rom Com Hallmark Style Movie: The Christmas Kiss [2011] – I haven’t watched a lot of these types of movies due to me pretending I was too cool for these for years but this one was on one day because my mom was watching it and WOW I love it. It’s so terrible and so bad and the acting lol. But I loved it and I’m still working on figuring out where I can watch it.

What is your favorite Christmas movie? Leave a comment below!

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