Goodbye 2020.

2020. I’ve spent a lot of this year wondering what the history books are going to say about this particular year. Can you imagine your kids coming home from school with a project requiring them to ask their parents about 2020? I can imagine a parent, screaming and dropping that nights dinner on the floor, in horror. Or another parent grabbing a pack of cigarettes and dramatically taking a drag before staring off into the sunset, right before getting ready to invite the repressed memories back in.

In all honesty though, this year has been good to me. In February, Jacob proposed to me in Paris, in a freaking library. Sure, when we got back from Paris, we almost immediately went into what we thought was a 2 week lockdown. We thought that we would most certainly be out in 2 weeks. 2 weeks turned into 2 months… and then more months and it’s December now with no end in sight. Through that, we bought a house in August. Our very first house that we mostly got so that Sidney could have a backyard to run around in. It was stressful and I cried a lot. I was and am incredibly lucky to have a job that has been able to survive during the pandemic. I had the opportunity to work from home. Jacob has been in the same boat. Everyone asks me how much we’ve driven one another crazy and honestly, we haven’t. It’s been a pleasure working with Jacob again. Except when we have meetings at the exact same time. Then he has to leave the office so I can have peace and quiet for my meeting. I really committed to my Tarot practice and I’ve never been more confident in this before. I’m really understanding what the cards are telling me and it’s so very cool. 

So here is my year in photos. I hope you enjoy it and that you’re able to cherish something from this year.

This was one of the first pictures I took in 2020. This was in Alameda during a walk that I took because I really just wanted to listen to my podcast.
THE MOMENT. Look at that library. Seriously. He did GREAT.
Let me tell you about this jacket. It’s beautiful and amazing. I bought it specifically for this trip and it was a very “not me” purchase but the moment I put it on my body, I was completely in love.
As soon as we came home from Paris, my grandmother’s home sold. My mom grew up in this home and I grew up 5 minutes away but always here. It’s weird driving past her house now, knowing that a bunch of strangers are inside.
When lockdown became more of a “this isn’t just going to be 2 weeks” thing, we went hiking a lot. Turns out, Sidney can’t hang after about 3 miles.
I told you, a lot of hiking. My nephew loves his Uncle Jacob. Turns out this kid can’t hang after about 3 miles either.
We celebrated Sidney’s adoption day with a (dog friendly) cake! Yes, she’s spoiled.
I LOVE Halloween. We had a small get together and Jacob and I dressed up as an 80s workout couple. Jacob wears those pants seriously though.
We spent my birthday in Joshua Tree and wow it gets cold in the desert at night doesn’t it?
This year, we found out that Sidney was definitely a pyro in a previous life. She’s obsessed with fire and yes, she burned off part of her whiskers.
I got to spend a week with my niece and she’s just the coolest. I introduced her to Buffy and she loves it because WHO DOESN’T LOVE BUFFY. Anyway, I cannot wait to see this young lady grow up. Did I mention that she’s the coolest?
My little family ❤

That’s it folks. I never took photos of us laying on the couch watching Tiger King or Queens Gambit… Or playing video games… or reading books… or baking/cooking… or all the other things you can actually do while inside not talking to other people. Did I mention that I miss bars?

Goodbye 2020. Don’t let the door hit ya on your way out! (I have turned into my father)

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