2022 in Cards

I love the cheesy psychic neon signs. If I actually trusted people with them, I’d get one.

Every year in December, I do a tarot spread for the year to come. I’ve never really been a huge fan of doing readings for myself. I can talk myself out of anything! Any card can be warped to mean what I want it to mean because it’s just me, myself, and I. I’m terrible with that. It’s why I love doing readings for other people. It becomes a mini-therapy session because I can only tell you what the card means, you’re the one who has to take it.

Every December, I take out my journal and I read about the cards that were laid out for me from the previous December. I read through it, see what fit and what didn’t, because 1. they don’t always fit and 2. I might not see it in the proper way. After that, I get ready for the following year. I won’t share which cards I got, because that’s pretty personal, don’t ya think? But I will tell you what to do for yourself!

  1. Get your cards. You can use whatever calls to you or makes you feel comfortable. These can be tarot or oracle. I personally stick to traditional tarot cards.
  2. Get your journal ready. If you don’t keep a journal, maybe make a doc on your computer. It’s important to document this for the year to come (and to read up on it the following year!)
  3. Prepare your space. I always clean the table (I wasn’t looking forward to crumbs in my future), set up some incense, maybe light a candle, and make sure I have some tea. I also make sure that any loud noises are at minimum (no music, personally) and that I’m not rushing. This is my time.
  4. Start shuffling! People always ask me if there’s a specific way to shuffle. There isn’t. I once had a friend take all the cards, spread them all over the table and slowly put it back together before their reading. Whatever floats your boat, dude. Shuffle however you want and stop when you think you should.
  5. Once you’re done shuffling, it’s time to pick out some cards. You’re going to choose 13 cards in all – 1 for each month plus 1 “overall” at the the end. Lay out 4 cards across, 3 down, with the last straggler separate.
  6. At this point, I normally take a photo of they layout. Then I have it, in case I don’t have time to journal (like… right now).
  7. Once you do journal it all out, you do you. Sometimes my layouts are super basic, just words. Sometimes I go all out. It’s all up to you and what you’re feeling. But do not lie to yourself. Write what it is as it is. Nothing more or less.

Tarot is what you let it be. I don’t see it as ~telling the future~. I see it as a tool you use to help you to understand what you already know deep down.

So. What do you know?

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