Cooking: Vibrant & Pure

This was another book that I picked up at Therapy. It intrigued me because I feel like it’s a great balance between being overly healthy and indulging. The ingredients are so fresh. Don’t get me wrong though, this is an ingredient heavy book! You will be consumed with a lot of chopping and preparing andContinue reading “Cooking: Vibrant & Pure”

Cooking: One Pan, Two Plates

Have you guys ever been to a Therapy store? It’s one of my favorite and least favorite places. That store does not contain a single thing you need but is filled with everything you could possibly need all at the same time. I’ve spent way too much money there but it’s all brought me joyContinue reading “Cooking: One Pan, Two Plates”

January 2022 in Books

Last year, I had a book goal in mind. I had wanted to really start reading again, like I used to so many years ago. I thought I’d start small. 20 books for the entire year sounded extremely reasonable. I ended up reading 50. I wrote about my reading hiatus late last year, when IContinue reading “January 2022 in Books”

Cooking: The Forest Feast Mediterranean

Let me just get this out right now. This cookbook author has the most beautiful books you’ll ever see in your entire life and you should just buy them now. You can buy them all here. I bought her book (The Forest Feast) a couple years ago (and will definitely cover that at a futureContinue reading “Cooking: The Forest Feast Mediterranean”

Cooking: Tomb Raider: The Official Cookbook & Travel Guide

When I was a kid, one of my father/daughter bonding activities was at the arcade. My dad liked playing video games and he passed that onto me. We didn’t have a lot of systems in our house growing up because my mom wasn’t a huge fan of video games (fair enough) so I mostly playedContinue reading “Cooking: Tomb Raider: The Official Cookbook & Travel Guide”

Okay but can you name 5 of their songs?

Gatekeeping in music is like grilled cheese to tomato soup. They just go together. It’s how the world has always been. If you like an artist (like REALLY like them), you can’t believe that anyone else likes them nearly as much as you like them especially someone who likes something other than all the thingsContinue reading “Okay but can you name 5 of their songs?”

Cooking: Tasting Paris: 100 Recipes to Eat Like a Local

It’s November 2019. I’m in a small house in Sebastopol, CA – one of my absolute favorite cities in the world (coincidentally enough, most of my favorite cities start with an “S”: Sebastopol, Salem, Seattle… but that’s another story). I’m opening birthday presents from my now husband even though we 100% do not do birthdayContinue reading “Cooking: Tasting Paris: 100 Recipes to Eat Like a Local”

Cooking: Half Baked Harvest (Pt. 1)

I can’t remember where I was when I stumbled upon the Half Baked Harvest cookbook but I’m sure it was while endlessly perusing a bookstore with Jacob. I do remember that when I picked up this cookbook, I was immediately stunned by the beauty of it. There were so many different things to cook! ItContinue reading “Cooking: Half Baked Harvest (Pt. 1)”