Fiction: “Carving Faces: A Beginner’s Guide”

First, you have to choose your victim. This is incredibly important. You have to examine your blank canvas at length. If you choose one too lopsided, you may have to start over and oh, what a waste… To take a life and then not even use it? However, once you find the perfect one, you’llContinue reading “Fiction: “Carving Faces: A Beginner’s Guide””

Fiction: Trick & Treat

“Halloween is for losers”, he said, angrily. Sam’s problem wasn’t that he hated Halloween, it was that no one ever invited him to go trick or treating. Not that he’d want to go trick or treating anyway, because Halloween is stupid. Sam wasn’t exactly popular. He kept to himself and kids his own age stayedContinue reading “Fiction: Trick & Treat”