Fiction: Trick & Treat

“Halloween is for losers”, he said, angrily.

Sam’s problem wasn’t that he hated Halloween, it was that no one ever invited him to go trick or treating. Not that he’d want to go trick or treating anyway, because Halloween is stupid. Sam wasn’t exactly popular. He kept to himself and kids his own age stayed away from him… At least lately. Things have been awfully quiet lately. Especially around his house. Sam was so fed up with Halloween that he only left his room to go to school. Which was fine by him! He would sneak down to the kitchen, long after his parents and younger twin sisters went to bed. This was the absolute best, according to Sam. He could eat ice cream for dinner if he wanted to! Which, he did most nights, but the ice cream was getting low. He’d have to ask his mom to buy him more… Not that she would. She only got things for the twins. Whatever, at least she wasn’t bothering him anymore. His parents used to try and make him be friends with people! They and the twins were social butterflies, constantly going in and out of parties with packed schedules. Sam normally got left with a babysitter, especially after that last party at the Coopers. It’s not like they had that stupid dog for long so it’s not like they were all that attached to it. Sam wondered if the Coopers had gotten a new dog. Perhaps the twins were going trick or treating with this young son. They had been asked by practically everyone in their class to go trick or treating with them. “Whatever, like I care who they’re gonna go with”, Sam scoffed. “Maybe I’ll go trick or treating by myself!”, he said, while searching for an empty pillow case. “Yeah, that’s a great idea!”, Sam commented to himself. He searched the house for a suitable costume (he hadn’t dressed up in years). He settled on an old bed sheet the cut eye holes in… a ghost! Perfect. Sam snuck into his parents room to kiss his mom and dad goodbye. “Boy they’ve been napping for a long time. They probably need the energy to take the princesses out all night to all their super awesome friends’ houses.” He didn’t say goodbye to the twins. He’s probably the only person in the world who doesn’t care about them. He always knew he was the unwanted child. It was such a cliche… Unwanted baby, born on prom night to popular teen parents. He ruined their entire futures, which they regularly told him. After they got pregnant with the twins, everything changed… For them. They loved being parents and adored the twins but Sam was still the unwanted child who always got in trouble. They were even planning on sending him to a boarding school for troubled children. But Sam wasn’t going to go to that stupid school. He’d do whatever he had to to make sure he didn’t have to go to that stupid school. His parents haven’t bugged him about getting ready for his new school lately. They’ve been so quiet lately. Sam was loving how quiet it was in the house. He didn’t even have to deal with the twins constantly bringing stupid friends over to play. 

Sam left the house in his ghost costume. He weaved in and out of goblins and witches, Freddy Kruegers and Ghostface. No one in his neighborhood knew it was him. Everyone in his neighborhood hated him. Which was stupid. Everyone was so dramatic. They just didn’t understand Sam. “They will”, mumbled Sam, “They’ll understand everything soon.”

Sam had already decided the first house he was going to visit. They were the richest in the neighborhood and gave out full sized candy bars! It was also the house that his very first crush, Josie, lived at. She told the whole school he had a crush on her and everyone made fun of him. She even got people to throw their food at him during lunch. He took his lunch behind the school now for peace and quiet. Josie’s mom opened her front door as Sam screamed, “TRICK OR TREAT”. He opened his bag, awaiting the king sized Twix in her hand. Josie’s mother looked down, inside Sam’s open pillowcase to see the heads of Sam’s parents and twin sisters.

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