Halloween is the best month of the whole year. As soon as October 1st hits, I feel more alive. October – December is my absolute favorite time. Between the holidays, colder weather, and my birthday, it just makes for a fun time. I live in California so it’s not exactly like it is cold in October but I hope for it every single year. 

I’m not actually a huge sugar fan. I’ll take a butter, salty, popcorn over a candy bar any day. I guess this almost, somewhat, invalidates my opinion on Halloween candies but it’s my blog so you’ll suffer through whatever I want. 

If you’re hoping that candy corn will be on this list, you can just go eat a candle. I’m sure that tastes much better.

7. Hot Tamales

I’m 99% sure that I’ve pulled a tooth out of my mouth because this candy stuck to a loose tooth much too well. Spicy and sweet. JUST LIKE ME. 

6. Tootsie Pops

I am a huge fan of lollipops, in general. (I JUST remembered that I have one of these in my purses and I think this is the best moment of my life). A part of my childhood was ruined when I found out that you didn’t actually get a free tootsie pop if there was a Natvie American, shooting an arrow, with a star. Did anyone ever try to redeem one of those at like, 7-11 though? Even Tootsie doesn’t know where this nonsense came from.

5. Almond Joy

No. Shut up. Shut your face. I know that for SOME REASON, coconut and chocolate candies are as controversial as pineapple on pizza. It’s so good and I will eat all of your children’s Almond Joys for you okay?

4. Sour Patch Kids

Raise your hand if the roof of your mouth has been ruined by sour patch kids. Raise your OTHER hand if you continued to eat said sour patch kids in severe pain because they’re so good.

3. Twix

I went to horseback riding camp when I was a kid. Not because we were boogie rich people, but because I literally lost my shit when my mom’s work company had a summer party at a ranch and we had to ride horses. Horses were cool OVER THERE but the minute I got onto said horse, I couldn’t keep my cool. My parents, understandably, were totally appalled and I immediately was enrolled in camp. Anyways, I ate one of these every single day during that week long camp for two summers.

2. Caramel Apple Pops

My one and two were tough. Caramel Apple Pops are my all time favorite non-chocolate candy. Especially when you lick them down enough to fit on the roof of your mouth. Ugh. I need to go buy a bag of these guys and hide them from my fiance. 

1. Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups

There is not a better combo than peanut butter and chocolate in the food world. I’ve tried all your organic knockoffs and vegan cups. Nothing beats Reece’s. How do you eat yours? I punch the hole out of the middle and eat that first. Then I eat the outside. It’s also incredibly important to note that the mini reece’s can go die in a fire. They’re complete trash and Reece’s should be ashamed of themselves. 

Leave a comment and let me know YOUR favorite Halloween candy! The only good part about COVID during Halloween is that I don’t have to share the candy I buy with stupid little trick or treaters.

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