Friday Favorites: Movies From 2002

In Catholic School World (the world I lived in for 17 years), you “graduate” from 8th grade. For me, that was 2002. This was a really fantastic year for movies so I had a tough time choosing. There were a lot of my all time “I watch this movie at least 4x a year” moviesContinue reading “Friday Favorites: Movies From 2002”

Narrow Escape.

There was a time in my life where I didn’t listen to the Universe or my gut. I’ve always gotten ~feelings~ but I’ve had people (who are no longer in my life) constantly belittle them. I was always accused of “being scared” or “being judgey”. It got to the point where I stopped trusting myselfContinue reading “Narrow Escape.”

Friday Favorites: Thanksgiving Foods

Let’s get this out of the way. Everything you learned about Thanksgiving is wrong. Which is actually true about most American holidays. If you’re over the age of 15 and are learning this for the first time, please call your parents and tell them that they failed. No seriously. Google “The Dark History of Thanksgiving”Continue reading “Friday Favorites: Thanksgiving Foods”

Guidance on How to Take a Mental Health Day

I am planning to take a mental health week. I try to at least take one mental health day for my birthday. It’s not really a vacation. It’s an energy reset. “It’s time for a mental health day. So conjugate this. I cut class. You cut class. He/She/It cuts class.” – Melinda Sordino, Speak TakingContinue reading “Guidance on How to Take a Mental Health Day”

Friday Favorites: Self Care

If you’re an American, you’ve had a rough week, no matter which Presidential Candidate you voted for (I write this, completely unaware of who our next President will be). This election has been challenging for multiple reasons so I wanted to round up some of my favorite (fairly simple) ways that I take care ofContinue reading “Friday Favorites: Self Care”