Friday Favorites: Shows I’ve Already Binged in 2021

2021 is only 2 months deep and I can already claim 4 television shows that I’ve binged. When you can’t really go anywhere or hang out with anyone, what else are you going to do? Thankfully, 2 of these shows only have 1 season so far (both picked up for season) that’s fully out. One of them has 5 seasons and it’s all out. The last is something that’s been on my list for AGES despite literally knowing nothing about it other than some lady on a podcast once said it was a fantastic show. So if you’re looking for some shows to binge, you’re welcome.


Like everyone in the entire world, I heard about Bridgerton because my female friends got all hot and bothered about the *ahem* adult scenes. Who doesn’t like historical fiction with a side of made for TV porn? (don’t answer that). I kept putting off watching this show because I honestly thought it was overhyped and would be ridiculous. I’m here to tell you that it’s actually fantastic. Do you see a lot of butts? Yes. You also see some of the most beautiful sets and costumes you’ve ever seen. The show has strong female characters (my #1 must), such as Eloise who is OBVIOUSLY my favorite character. It has great writing with fantastic acting (the casting was A+ and whoever was in charge of this should cast every single movie and show ever). You get a fun mystery thrown in as well! It really is the whole package. I was emotionally invested in every character as well as every story line. It’s beautiful people living their damn lives.

Where to watch: This one is a Netflix exclusive. Season 1 is completely out and it has been picked up for Season 2 already.

If you loved this: Might I suggest The Tudors? It’s on Netflix and is about King Henry VIII and his 6 wives – remember the rhyme? Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived? That’s him. Granted, after Anne Boleyn dies (not a spoiler, please re-visit your history class), it’s not great. Natalie Dormer really carried that show on her back. Bonus: Henry Cavill is in it and you see his butt a lot. You’re very welcome.


Exactly one year ago, I was in Paris. The metro was COVERED in posters of this show and it just looked really cool. I added it to the “Lauren & Jacob might eventually watch this show” list and it took almost a full year to finally dive in. I honestly didn’t know what it was about, I just saw the cool posters and ugh Logan Lerman is so cute. It’s a show set in the 1970s about a bunch of Nazi hunters in the United States which is right up my alley in so many ways. While it does have some historically accurate information (such as Operation Paper Clip), it is fiction. There is a lot of controversy due to the fiction aspect of this show but here is a great article that covers a lot of those issues and helps point out what is fact versus what is fiction. It has been criticized for making up certain scenarios as it will help Holocaust Deniers in the future (I throw up in my mouth every time I talk about or think about Holocaust Deniers and honestly wish these people a very painful death as well as the inability to reproduce… thanks <3).

Where to watch: This one is an Amazon exclusive and season 1 has been completely released.

If you loved this: Check out Inglorious Basterds and JoJo Rabbit!


I was a HUGE Olsen Twin fan. I was in their fan club, played all their video games, and watched all their straight to VHS movies (from the Adventure and Party movies to their more legit movies). They had this detective kit that I begged my parents for. Anything that had to do with the Olsen Twins, my parents were pretty much down to buy me. This kit had me take finger prints of everyone I ever knew (so I had them if I needed them during a mystery!). If you’re wondering why I’m talking about the Olsen Twins, you must be one of those people who somehow doesn’t know that Elizabeth Olsen is their little sister. I remember the movie Silent House being on Netflix streaming a million years ago and I saw her name pop up. Olsen Twin fans will remember that Lizzie popped up a lot in their films so I immediately knew who she was. I loved her in that film and continued to watch her films. When I saw that she was in a Marvel Movie, I was ecstatic. She’s probably my current favorite actress and I’ll watch her in anything. Anyway, if you’re not up to date with Marvel Movies… Don’t watch this yet. If you are, this is a must. It’s funny, witty, dark, and there’s so many familiar faces. This entire new way. of story telling was created and I’m into it. Unfortunately, you only get one episode a week (what is this? 2001?) but it’s well worth the wait.

Where to watch: Disney+

If you loved this: Re-Watch all of the Marvel Movies. You have Disney+ so go for it. We’ve been re-watching in timeline order which has been super fun. I also highly recommend watching Elizabeth’s entire movie history.

Orphan black

Hi. Excuse me. Why hasn’t the entire world watched this show? I am guessing that it’s due to it being on the BBC, which Americans are just so against for some reason but LET ME TELL YOU, the BBC deserves our goddamn respect and we should pay much more attention to them. I did not know a single thing about this show. I heard some podcast lady tell me she loved it and it just stuck in my head that I wanted to watch it. Every time I saw it on my list, I would say “Okay, I should really start that show!” and wouldn’t for whatever reason. You should go watch it now. I was absolutely hooked within the first 15 minutes. The casting is PERFECT. I don’t want to give you anything more than you really should watch this show. There’s mystery, romance, bad ass women (my TV show requirement), and action. Granted, I am only on season 2 but that’s how much I love this show already. The plot lines actually are surprisingly clear, despite the subject. Just please trust me and watch this show. It’s so good.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime but I’m sure you could find other places since it’s not a Prime specific show.

If you loved this: Killing Eve and Sherlock Holmes (both BBC shows!)

What show have you already binged this year? Let me know in the comments! I’m always down for new shows to watch.

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