Hello, you.

Hi. It’s been awhile. This is kind of awkward, isn’t it? I just come back to you, like it hasn’t been almost a year of radio silence. As if I didn’t give up on you for a long time. Let’s be honest, I gave up on myself. Like most adults, I’m very burnt out. I’ve talked to so many people from so many different walks of life working at so many different companies and they’re all feeling it. I get it. We’re navigating a weird time. There wasn’t really a Covid handbook. No one really knew what these last (almost) 2 years were going to do to all of us.

At the end of the day, most of us just want to binge watch a show. We don’t want to do anything. Because we’re just… exhausted. I’ve been reading an insane amount (we’ll get to that another day) and I’ve wondered if it’s because I don’t currently hold a creative cell in my body to lean into. I’ve always been creative and it’s always been such an outlet for me but lately? I just don’t care. I want to, but I’m really really tired guys. Then, of course, I beat myself up over and over again for not doing what I “should” be doing and it’s a huge cycle and it makes me even more exhausted.

But I’m back. Pinky promise. I’m back and I took “should” out of my vocabulary (ooo more on this another day too!). I’m back and I’m going to do my best to entertain the poop out of each and every one of you. Maybe I’ll write more fiction (polish up those I abandoned last year). I’ll definitely write more and more about personal things that I’m passionate about (I’m coming for the bullies and narcissists). I’ll (hopefully) share family stories that make me smile and taught me lessons. I am going to continue with my photography (and have been playing with the idea of color, I know, who is she) and my mixed-media art. I’m going to share my tarot journey with each and every one of you because I think it’s important to remember that everyone starts somewhere and it’s not cool to gatekeep.

I’ve missed you.

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